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There is a time and a place for formal talks and  PowerPoint presentations, however most effective learning comes from questioning, and that works best in a more informal setting.

Talks and Workshops

ArcheoLearning provides a range of different learning approaches, with the aim of being accessible for all. If you think you are too old or too young or even if you worry about limited mobility - DON'T. If you are interested then get involved, book a place, come along and indulge your passion; immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Archaeology. Just have fun learning!


Adult Learning

Click on the ArchaeoLearning logo to find a list of workshops, talks and events aimed at those of us who don't formally qualify as children. There will be a range of activities such as pottery talks and demonstrations, workshops introducing the basics of archaeology, fieldwork methods and techniques, excavating and interpreting human remains, talks from Archaeologists fortunate enough to have travelled the globe learning about and doing their bit to protect some incredible Archaeology and artifacts, such as that in Iraq and Libya. Keep an eye out for updates.

Al the owl (with a trowel) is the mascot for Children's activities and workshops. Each workshop has an age guide, but these aren't set in stone. Some are for KS1 and 2 aged children, some are more appropriate for KS2 and 3 aged children. If you really want to get involved but are unsure if you are too old or too young, just get in touch.

Each workshop or event has all the details listed, just click on the one you are interested in to see all the information you need.

Children this way....

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