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Outreach and School Visits

Archaeology can help you teach the History Curriculum, that is true. However, the multidisciplinary nature of Archaeology allows subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Design and Technology and Art to be included in the learning.

ArchaeoLearning works in association with The Trust for Thanet Archaeology (TfTA). The TfTA have, for a numbers of years, provided schools with an exciting, engaging and educational experience for children. Genuine artefacts can be seen, handled, and in some cases sniffed! No standing behind museum glass here!


Events could last 1 hour or be a week long festival in your school. Historical enquiry? Romans? Saxons? Local History topic? Prehistory can be tricky to teach, so get imaginative think creative and let's plan a spectacular set of lessons to inspire and entertain. I am very happy to offer advice or discuss how we can meet your schools needs in a visit.

If you are interested in enriching your curriculum, providing unusual experiences or better understanding the archaeology of your local area in a cross curricular way - look no further. Browse through the workshops on offer, consider what you would like delivered for your children and get in touch.

In order to allow you to enable enriched learning for your class or school, prices will depend on what can be offered, resources required and the numbers of children attending.


Happy planning.

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